Five exceptional examples of agile email marketing.

The Inkredible Five, Spring 2014

Featuring the best agile email campaigns of the season from 7 For All Mankind, The Wall Street Journal, Lilly Pulitzer, Dice, and Boden.

Spring is finally here, and with it comes a brand new edition of The Inkredible Five, featuring some of the most inspiring examples of agile email marketing yet!

• 7 For All Mankind’s gorgeous and immersive “Dreaming in Blue” campaign

• The Wall Street Journal’s magic email that always displayed the latest news

• Lilly Pulitzer’s “Lunch at Lilly” campaign that made purchasing online or over the phone easier than ever

Get your copy today to see how these top brands and others combined their ingenuity with Movable Ink’s technology to create memorable and engaging email experiences that stood out in the inbox.

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