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American Eagle

American Eagle Outfitters is a leading global specialty retailer offering high-quality, on-trend clothing, accessories and personal care products at affordable prices. Its smartphone app provides customers with a unique mobile experience featuring exclusive deals, style updates, reviews, store locators, and a loyalty program that promotes social sharing and check-ins in exchange for valuable AEREWARDS points.

American Eagle Outfitters used Movable Ink's Agile Email Marketing platform to identify which devices recipients were using to view its triggered welcome emails, and display device specific content in real-time. To set it up, they simply uploaded a hero banner promoting mobile app downloads into Movable Ink’s dashboard, which returned an HTML embed code to insert into their email templates. Recipients who opened the message on Android, iPhone or iPad devices saw the mobile app download banner, with links dynamically updated to redirect to the correct app store. Recipients who opened the same email on a desktop saw the standard welcome message.

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