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Movable Ink lets email marketers deliver jaw-dropping customer experiences. We believe that email can delight, compel, and engage. But all too often, that opportunity is lost with one-size-fits-all messaging delivered to the masses. It is our mission to build a platform that allows marketers to deliver truly inspiring email experiences to their customers at massive scale.

Movable Ink was founded in 2010 by Vivek Sharma (CEO) and Michael Nutt (CTO). The founders observed that email service providers were focused on segmentation, list management, and message delivery. Content is at the heart of customer experience but email service providers didn’t offer tools to enable marketers to personalize creative or adapt content at the moment of open.

Movable Ink pioneered the concept of intelligent content for email marketers. Before this innovation, email marketers designed static content for each segment and were limited to personalizing text from CRM data fields at send-time. Movable Ink disrupted the traditional model by detecting customer context, processing millions of data points, and generating personalized content in the milliseconds after an email is opened. Since 2010, Movable Ink has powered over 400 billion intelligent content impressions.

Each impression matters. The customer benefits by receiving a highly-relevant message that has adapted around his specific context. The marketer benefits by significantly increasing the performance of her email program while automating content production.

Organizations that adopt Movable Ink raise click-through and conversion rates while delivering stunning experiences. These organizations also save significant time by eliminating existing content production bottlenecks. More than 400 leading brands, including Delta, eBay, Spotify, and The Wall Street Journal, use Movable Ink to increase engagement, grow revenues, and retain customers with every customer interaction.

Movable Ink is headquartered in New York City, with offices in San Francisco and London. Early funding capital was provided by Intel Capital, Contour Ventures, and Metamorphic Ventures.

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