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Create 1:1 Behavioral Campaigns with Movable Ink + Segment

With Movable Ink and Segment, marketers can combine website and mobile app behavior to create sophisticated campaigns, build a more complete view of their customers, and drive higher engagement and ROI.

By Kristen Dunleavy,Read More

Data-Activated Content Just Got Easier with New Studio

Data-activated content just got a whole lot easier with the launch of Movable Ink’s most powerful Studio update yet. Marketers gain a new concept of freedom when it comes to executing uniquely personalized campaigns—the power to do it all o

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Understanding the Power of Zero- and First-Party Data

Zero-party data requires people to volunteer specific information to marketers through surveys, polls, and any other way digital marketers can entice their customers to submit more data. ...
By Movable Ink,
Understanding the Power of Zero- and First-Party Data

Movable Ink Partners With Syte to Enable Hyper-Personalized Email Marketing

Movable Ink and Syte, the leading Product Discovery Platform, have joined forces to empower brands to send hyper-personalized, dynamic emails, just in time for the holiday rush.
By Ido Segev–VP Partnerships & Business Development at Syte,
Ido Segev-VP Partnerships & Business Development at Syte

How to Build Your First Party Data Strategy

The best time to invest in your first-party data set was yesterday. The second best time is today. Here are principles you can follow to build your first-party data strategy and details on how a Customer Data Platform can help.
By Joey Colvin, Content Marketing Manager – mParticle,
Title: How to build your first party data plan

For Better Personalization, Brands Need to Embrace More Data

This is a guest blog post from Rew Golding, Head of Partnerships & Alliances at Upland CXM – a Movable Ink Exchange Partner. Having worked in Marketing and Customer Experience for over 15 years, Rew heads up Upland CXM’s Global partner team...
By Movable Ink,

The Future of Retail: Data Integration

Companies have access to more customer data than ever before, allowing them to create personalized experiences that drive engagement. But in order to make use of this information, they first have to organize and unify the data, which can be...
By Philippa,

[Lookbook] Inkredible APIs: How to Use APIs to Drive Personalized Experiences

Application Programming Interfaces, better known as APIs, are the secret sauce behind the world’s most innovative personalized marketing campaigns. ...
By Kristen Dunleavy,

Inkredible Integrations: Customer Data Platforms

At Movable Ink, we’re dedicated to helping marketers create the kind of scalable, highly-personalized campaigns that engage customers and ultimately drive results. We know how important it is to drive efficiency, save time, and make the mos...
By Kristen Dunleavy,

[On Demand Webinar] How to Unlock Your Data to Power Real-Time Experiences at Scale

Today’s consumers have exceedingly high expectations when it comes to personalized brand experiences. But campaigns can only be as relevant as the data that marketers can access. With data sources that are often siloed or inaccessible, mark...
By Carine Alexis,

Code Review Matters: Best Practices From Engineers

Software Engineer Kate Ruggeri spoke with Built In NYC about how our team manages code reviews, including best practices, how we foster a positive code review culture, and what our team does when differences arise. ...
By Carine Alexis,
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