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Three Ways Retailers Can Highlight Buy Now, Pay Later Options in Holiday Campaigns

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Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is now the new shopping standard. According to recent research by, 53% of consumers intend to use BNPL in the next 12 months, while 60% of eCommerce consumers said they would abandon their cart if they could not pay with their preferred payment method. 

As retailers ready themselves for the all-important holiday season, the value consumers find in payment flexibility should be top of mind. This article will explore three ways retailers can incorporate BNPL messaging throughout the customer journey to elevate email and mobile communications during the holiday season.

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Highlight BNPL availability to help consumers check off their Christmas wish list

It's no secret that peak season is all about gifts, and with larger family gatherings potentially back on the cards this year, shoppers will be keen to treat their loved ones. In turn, consumers will lean on Buy Now Pay Later options to grant them financial flexibility and prevent a strain on wallets. Major retailers are picking up on the cue. It's no coincidence that Walmart recently announced they're teaming up with BNPL provider Affirm to provide financing options ahead of the holiday rush. 

Use a poll to capture gifting intent, asking customers who they are shopping for this holiday season. Marketers can then use that zero-party data to target relevant product recommendations and highlight the installment payment price of each of the gifting recommendations offered. By combining relevant products with payment flexibility, retail marketers can seize new opportunities to increase their average order value and help consumers check off their longer-than-usual Christmas gift list.

Lean on BNPL as a key-value driver in the absence of promotions

While the holidays are a time for family and gift giving, they’re also synonymous with sales and promotions. As Black Friday and Cyber Week have conditioned shoppers to seek out promotions, the discount window has morphed into a promotion cycle that can often last for months. 

However, this year may be slightly different. Consumer sentiment towards peak season promotions is waning, with many questioning the actual value of retailers' discounts. In fact, recent research by LoyaltyLion found that 58% of consumers report that the products they really want are never discounted over the Black Friday period. Added to that, substantial and ongoing global supply chain challenges mean that retailers have little incentive to discount products.

Associate Director for Financial Services Strategy, Alex Manly shared, "For innovative and savvy BNPL brands, it's all about relationships. BNPL brands like Klarna and Afterpay are bringing new ideas to the table and supporting retailers to open-up new marketing channels that lift customer engagement."

Without the lure of promotions to drive conversion, retailers should lean on other value-drivers. BNPL is a powerful alternative for cost-conscious consumers (and margin-conscious retailers). Instead of depending on price drops to drive holiday conversions, retailers can utilize behavioral data to surface recently browsed products, alongside the monthly or weekly payment breakdown per product.

Simplify conversion with basket payment breakdown

The holiday season is highly competitive, especially now, with eCommerce natives and multi-channel retailers vying for online consumer attention in a critical quarter. That said, the onus is on retailers to cut through the noise by providing an online experience that is easy and seamless for consumers. 

Payment flexibility plays a substantial role in that simplicity. According to research by, 89% of shoppers said payment options made buying decisions faster and easier. With that in mind, make sure the availability of BNPL as a payment option is abundantly clear to shoppers, particularly those further down the purchase funnel. 

Beyond ensuring BNPL options are clear at check-out, retail marketers can remind customers of their abandoned cart with a dynamic notification banner, highlighting the installment payment cost of their basket.

The growing importance of BNPL for retailers stems from consumers moving online and the need for a convenient, flexible online experience. By taking out the legwork and bringing relevant BNPL messaging into email and mobile comms, retailers can provide customers with a useful, flexible shopping experience and get a head start in a competitive holiday environment.

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