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Every day, HSN features one amazing deal—the Today’s Special—throughout all of their channels. The HSN marketing team would send a daily email to drive awareness and sales, along with other deals and offers from their homepage. But the HSN team was producing and proofing two separate sets of assets—one for HSN.com and one for email—across multiple teams. Needless to say, their production process was tedious and time-consuming.


HSN used Movable Ink’s web-cropping technology to pull live content from their website directly into their emails. No matter what time a customer opened their Today’s Special email, they were receiving the most up-to-the-minute deals and content with no extra work required by the HSN marketing team on the backend. With live content from HSN.com in their emails, HSN’s customers always have access to the most recent deals, making it easier for them to make a purchase.


  • 12% lift in top-line revenue
  • 31% lift in traffic
  • 11% lift in orders
Using live content, we eliminated double work, maximized exposure and gave the customer more of what they wanted. We enhanced the customer experience with real-time updates and additional content.

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