Builder is an easy-to-use tool that automatically creates dynamic, reusable HTML email templates from PSD or image files that are fully-responsive to any device and work with any email platform. It's ideal for marketers at any brand or agencies looking to eliminate major production bottlenecks associated with the email template creation process.

Build On-Brand, Responsive Email Templates in Minutes

Create Beautiful Templates Automatically

Builder removes the need for a developer to spend hours and days hand-coding email templates.

  • Translate design files into fully coded emails using Builder’s built-in image conversion capabilities.
  • Use an intuitive WYSIWYG interface to adjust slices from the original design, edit your content, or save template parts.
  • Easily edit or add content to your email templates, including intelligent content, live text, images, and custom HTML.
Builder sections

Reuse Template Parts Across Campaigns

Quickly build the best email templates from reusable assets, including headers and footers, that are on-brand.

  • Create a template from saved content assets or convert a template design into reusable content assets.
  • Improve the brand experience for customers by standardizing headers and footers, site navigation, or other common elements.
  • Maintain centralized control over required elements, such as legal notices, opt-out forms, and privacy or data security notices.
Builder slicing

Build Responsive Emails in Minutes

Ensure that your email campaigns look great on any device, boosting performance and creating the best customer experience.

  • Upload desktop and mobile designs of your email to produce fully-optimized emails in a streamlined interface.
  • Pair Builder with intelligent content to deep link to mobile applications or other device-specific content.
  • Automatically create device-optimized HTML code, saving valuable time.

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