Movable Ink's Platform

Your customers are busy. They don't have time for emails that aren't relevant to them. It used to be impossible to create millions of hyper-personalized messages for every single person... until now. Movable Ink's new intelligent content platform lets you cut through the noise with the perfect email experience for everyone, every time.

Intelligent Content is Content, Data, and Logic

Movable Ink’s platform combines content, data, and business logic to create next-level personalization. Intelligent content goes beyond anything you’ve seen in email before.

Create Awesome Emails

If you thought countdown timers and maps were the bee’s knees, you haven’t seen anything yet.

  • Automatically generate 1:1 personalized content to create unique and innovative customer experiences in email.
  • Pull content directly from your website, asset library and social media to personalize content in your email at the moment of open.
  • Stand out in a crowded inbox with content that boosts revenue with real-time information like live pricing and inventory, polls, personalized offers and loyalty reward balances.

Use Any Data

You may not believe how easy it is to put your data, or any data, to work in our platform.

  • Use data from any source to shape your personalized content in real-time so that it really speaks to the individual.
  • Easily access and activate all your data sources throughout the enterprise including APIs, CRM and website.
  • Export campaign and user data for offline analysis in your analytics or BI tools.
Data sources

Optimize Every Pixel

Take the pain out of testing with inline A|B testing and real-time creative optimization.

  • Target the right customer at open-time with CRM data, website behaviors, and contextual factors, like location, weather, and device.
  • Use inline A|B testing to enhance the performance of your campaigns, creative, heros, calls to action, buttons, and more.
  • Optimize offers or creative for clicks or conversions. Creative Optimizer automatically maximizes winning items in real-time.
Signals targeting rules

Develop on the Platform

Our open and extensible platform lets developers build intelligent content apps that work in any situation and with any technology.

  • Easily design, debug, and test intelligent content app creations with the Movable Ink Development Kit (MDK).
  • Empower your marketing team by publishing completed apps to the App Gallery.
  • Send real-time campaign activity to upstream analytics and optimization systems with Webhooks.

Extend the Platform as your Program Grows

  • Signals Target and engage customers with 1:1 behavioral content generated from data captured automatically from email and website activities. Learn more
  • Builder Automate email template production by transforming image files into responsive HTML that can be used with any email marketing platform. Learn more

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