Customers reveal their buying intentions on websites everyday, yet email marketers still struggle to personalize messages using behavioral data. Signals enables you to activate and engage customers based on their website behaviors. Create relevant and persuasive content for each customer automatically.

Use Behavioral Marketing in Every Email

Signals makes it easy to tailor every email — campaign, trigger, or journey — using each customer's website activity. Transform every aspect of the email creative, from calls-to-action to hero images.

Target Customers Using Recent Behavior

Target customers based on pages or categories browsed, search terms, or abandoned carts.

  • Track known and anonymous customer behaviors through cross-device profiles.
  • Target customers using recent website activity and product views, flight searches, articles read, or other content affinities.
  • Create the most sophisticated targets possible by blending behavioral, CRM, and contextual data.
Signals targeting rules

Generate Powerful and Persuasive Content

Transform every aspect of the email creative, from calls-to-action to hero images.

  • Automatically generate heros, offers, or product imagery from recent interest or intent.
  • Add real-time product recommendations to drive awareness or list top-selling or most-viewed items.
  • Badge products with real- time inventory, discounts, or sales trends to drive urgency.
Content generation

Drive Performance with Actionable Insights

Spot and size new opportunities for behavioral marketing programs before you implement them.

  • Inform your campaign tactics with real-time insight into customer activity on your website.
  • Measure behavioral program performance with real-time reports and forecasts.
  • Export behavioral data for offline analysis in your analytics or BI suite.
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