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[Retail Loyalty in a Pandemic] Part 1: Radical Shifts in Shopping Patterns

2020 has dramatically shifted consumer behavior, from what people buy, to how much they buy, to even how they buy, forcing marketers to examine these new behaviors and adapt their programs. With customer loyalty and retention being more important than ever, the key to survival is being nimble and embracing digital transformation.

In Part 1, we look at specific changes in shopping behavior and how to navigate them by understanding shifting audiences, providing consumers more choices, and using proactive language in communications.

About the Retail Loyalty Series

Retailers have been consistently reacting to a sea of industry shifts — finding new ways to reach consumers because of changing expectations, accepting new technology innovations, and battling heaps of different competitors. Reinventing themselves was the norm to stay afloat and be competitive. Now with the sweeping changes in 2020 from the global pandemic, the need to adapt has accelerated tenfold.

In this three-part series, we’ll explore the key shifts in retail and provide strategic tactics and input from marketers to help retailers deepen loyalty, drive positive sentiment, and thrive in 2021:

  1. Radical Shifts in Shopping Patterns
  2. Creating Authentic Connections
  3. Frictionless and Flexible Approach to Loyalty

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