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[Retail Loyalty in a Pandemic] Part 3: Frictionless and Flexible Approach to Loyalty

There’s no question that the global pandemic has increased the pace of change for retailers. It’s estimated that the pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital shopping by roughly five years. Because of these changes, consumers’ choices and expectations are increasing — making it harder to build and maintain loyalty and more important than ever to support seamless contactless shopping, while also maintaining authenticity and value.

However, loyalty isn’t just about offers and points. It’s about creating unique and positive customer interactions at every point in the life cycle. In the final installment of this three-part series, we’ll discuss several loyalty-building approaches for retailers to retain and build loyalty now and in the future.

About the Retail Loyalty Series

Retailers have been consistently reacting to a sea of industry shifts — finding new ways to reach consumers because of changing expectations, accepting new technology innovations, and battling heaps of different competitors. Reinventing themselves was the norm to stay afloat and be competitive. Now with the sweeping changes in 2020 from the global pandemic, the need to adapt has accelerated tenfold.

In this three-part series, we’ll explore the key shifts in retail and provide strategic tactics and input from marketers to help retailers deepen loyalty, drive positive sentiment, and thrive in 2021:
  1. Radical Shifts in Shopping Patterns
  2. Creating Authentic Connections
  3. Frictionless and Flexible Approach to Loyalty

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