No two marketing organizations are the same. That’s why we tailor our range of services to meet the goals of every client and every partner we work with.

Strategy Services

Our engagements are led by seasoned email professionals, not sales people. Our 60+ person global CX organization is comprised of professionals who have experience from ESPs, agencies and directly on the client side. A few of our strategy services include:

  • Reviewing the client’s overall campaign goals and calendar
  • Review of prior campaign analytics and business results
  • Recommendations for leveraging intelligent content
  • Alignment of progress against original goals as defined in the onboarding process
  • Providing education, training and information on new updates to the platform

Production Services

Delegate your email content production needs to a team that’s done it hundreds of thousands of times before. In some cases, we help our clients shave weeks or months off their email production process.

We offer two types of production services:

  • Production: Intelligent content design, including use of all the standard Movable Ink capabilities. Movable Ink can supplement your internal teams and partners. We’ve got your back with expertise we’ve gained from working with leading brands worldwide.
  • Solutions Engineering: Development of custom apps to access data and content held in other systems. Movable Ink can use your APIs to access data in internal systems and third-party services. We activate this data to create intelligent content that is unique to your customer.

Movable Ink trains and certifies partners to deliver similar services. Our partners include those shown here. Contact Movable Ink for more information about these partners.


Training Services

We want to see our clients elevate their email programs by transforming their production process, enhancing the user experience and improving performance to crush your business goals. That’s why we offer training to help you achieve your goals.

  • Basic Training. Learn the basics of developing and deploying your first intelligent content app. Use Movable Ink to build intelligent content to be deployed via your email service provider.
  • Advanced Uses of the Movable Ink Platform. Learn advanced features of Movable Ink, including how to develop and customize intelligent content.
  • Using the Signals Expansion. Learn how to leverage customer-specific website behavior data. Activate behavioral data to create intelligent content on-the-fly. Measure the success of your intelligent content against static content, and analyze target segments by accessing the data stored in cross-device customer profiles.
  • Using the Builder Expansion. Building effective emails is necessary, but so is building them efficiently. Learn to streamline the production of email templates.
  • Custom App Development. Learn to build apps leveraging the core Movable Ink technology. Modify standard applications to accelerate the creation of intelligent content. Unleash the full potential of intelligent content by developing custom apps within Movable Ink.

Support Services

We’re here when you need us; you can reach us by email or phone.

We also have a Support Center with a wide range of helpful content, including self-paced video tutorials, step-by-step instructions for common workflows, general documentation and user guide, and training webinar.


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