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3 Things Marketers Can Learn from (Re)Think 2021

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Movable Ink's free two-day virtual event, (Re)Think, returned for its second year in 2021. This year, hundreds of marketers worldwide gathered together to address how digital marketing has shifted in the past year and how brands can prepare for a fruitful 2022. 

On October 20th and 21st, marketers took an a la carte approach to virtual conferences by picking and choosing from 25+ (Re)Think sessions, including distinguished keynote speakers, notable brand presentations, and surprise entertainment. 

To say that there was a wealth of valuable information shared during the event would be an understatement. In case you missed it, the Movable Ink team has compiled the top three takeaways every marketer can implement from (Re)Think 2021. If you want to take a deeper dive, all (Re)Think session recordings are available to view on-demand 24/7. For free access, register here to start streaming.

Now Is the Time to Make the Most of Your Data

Data activation was a prevalent theme throughout numerous (Re)Think sessions. With a confluence of events knocking the digital marketing world off its axis in 2021–Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection and the decline of 3rd-party cookies are two examples–marketers are now recalibrating how they reach consumers moving forward. 

Zero- and first-party data were center stage at this year’s (Re)Think with brands and partners sharing new data activation strategies. Businesses such as Lenovo, MessageGears, and At Home Stores shared their perspectives on how zero and first-party data will influence their personalization strategies, drive newfound creativity, and deliver meaningful communications that translate value into revenue.

Time Really Is Money

They say “time is money,” and brands brought this saying to life at (Re)Think. Automation was woven throughout Movable Ink’s virtual conference, where brands spotlighted how automating personalization not only saved them substantial time but proved to be a gateway to more revenue. Brands like Michael’s Stores, Schibsted, and Orbitz took the (Re)Think stage to share how each quickly increased personalization and relevancy, leading to higher conversions and reduced unsubscribe rates. At (Re)Think, attendees walked through how to implement personalization at scale and ways to build dynamic, modular email templates that automate 1:1 personalized content for each customer.

Consolidating Customer Activity through Partner Integration & Modern Data Platforms

Now is the time for brands to utilize their existing data, such as zero- and first-party data, to ensure they meet individual customer needs at scale. This can be a difficult task when data lives with different marketing technologies and is in numerous silos. The key to sifting through an influx of customer data is organizing everything in a unified place that helps build out the complete customer profile so that marketers can reach their customers with content that matters. 

Enter Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). At (Re)Think, Movable Ink announced how the newest integrations with CDP partners such as Segment, mParticle, and more, are helping marketers take their content to the next level by leveraging customer behavior to create meaningful interactions across channels. Whether brands are just starting with data consolidation or want to perfect their programs, brands can easily create meaningful customer experiences and achieve significant results by tapping into data and partner integrations across the tech stack.

While these are just a few of the key takeaways from (Re)Think 2021, the learning does not end here! To discover more from our lineup of keynote speakers and brand spotlights, be sure to check out all of our informative sessions on-demand at the (Re)Think event page here

Movable Ink is thrilled to be returning to our in-person conference, Think Summit, on June 8th and 9th, 2022. If you’re interested in attending next year, feel free to get in touch here

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